Distance 29 km

Race Description

The race starts off at the premises next to Steni primary school, by the side of Hotel Steni. Athletes will go through the village and set off towards the top part of Steni village. From there they will start ascending on a dirt road. Cutting off the dirt road they will enter the lower part of S3 trail and join S2 trail. Moving on they will head uphill, crossing a dirt road. As they continue climbing, they will find the (1st Refuelling Station) on the asphalt road crossing. Then it is uphill all the way towards the mountain refuge of the Mountain Club EOS Chalkidos (2nd Refuelling Station). The course until here stays the same for both 29 & 13 km courses.The difficult part starts now. Contestants will come face to face with Dirfys Summit. It is a hard 1,5 km steep uphill trail, but with breathtaking views on the top. One has to be very familiar with mountain running to take on this challenge.

Getting down from the North face of Dirfys is the roughest part yet. Contestants will have to test their ability on harsh terrain all the way towards the top of Agali Gorge (3rd Refuelling Station). The race becomes somehow smoother from now on. We now enter Agali Gorge from the top part which is still demanding but alot more relaxing. Athletes will have to take special care, even thought less than half the race has already been completed. Attention is needed throughout the crossing of Agali Gorge as most of the part is descending and tiredness has started to kick in. Reaching the bottom part of Agali Gorge (4th Refuelling Station), contestants will face 6km of asphalt road before they re-join the last part of the race which is a dirt road (5th Refuelling Station). The final stretch of the race will take the athletes through a nice trail just above the village of Steni, right below the Rock of Steni (climbing spot). 

The race terrain distribution is : 50% Trail - 25% Tarmac - 25% Dirt Roads

The race finishes exactly at the starting point where the award ceremony will be held.

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